About The Author

Jon Holsten

As a long-time child protection advocate, Jon Holsten is an internationally recognized speaker and children's book author. A retired police sergeant and child sex crimes investigator from Fort Collins, Colorado, Jon has investigated and helped successfully prosecute dozens of child sexual abuse cases.

Jon's experience on the front lines of law enforcement led him to seek new ways to protect children from sexual predators. His research and passion led him to create the wildly popular children's book: The Swimsuit Lesson.

Beautifully written and illustrated, The Swimsuit Lesson has helped thousands of parents, guardians and educators speak with young children about privacy, modesty, and those who might do them harm. The book has been featured by numerous media outlets world-wide, to include ABC's Good Morning America, and even caught the attention of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Jon has written articles on child sexual abuse and prevention for a variety of publications.

Jon and his wife, Ceri, have six children of their own and make their home in Colorado.

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